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Distributed Network

Automated & reactive global load sharing

Out Network is composed of main core pops, mini pops and mitigation partners peering for load sharing.
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Mitigation Points of presence

Our main mitigation cluster is currently located in Miami Florida within Terremark’s Miami DataCenter. This DataCenter is called the Nap of the Americas because it interconnects all tier 1 and tier 2 carriers to Latin America and Caribbean, being a perfect cross connection point for low latency connectivity to United States, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Our RioRey mitigation clusters can sustain attacks up to 120Gbps and 72mpps onsite, in case of bigger attacks we trigger automatic attack load sharing to backhaul via our partner Voxility (we are directly peered with Voxility).

We also have mini pop capacity both in Dallas Texas and San Jose, Costa Rica where we also use RioRey appliances for mitigation. Our automated flow analysis platform makes our protection a completely reactive solution able to distribute attacks among different peering depending on the volumetric size of the attack.

Currently we offer GRE tunnel origin points in Miami Florida and Costa Rica, soon we will be adding Dallas as an origin point for GRE protection.

Our Security Operations Department operates 24 x 7 from San Jose, Costa Rica, our network engineers monitor the well being of our mitigation platform as well as proper mitigation of ongoing ddos attacks within our Pop’s and partners networks.