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From $450/per month

Network Infrastructure Protection

DDos protection for any layer 3,4 & 7 attacks, client requires their own ASN and ip prefixes. This service is usually deployed for ISP's, Webhosters, Online Gaming operators or anybody who own's their ip space and can peer with us via BGP over GRE tunnels. Use as always ON protection, or only under attack as preferred.
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From $50/per month

Website Protection (Web Buffer)

The Web Buffer protection is a service that protects your real web servers from layer 3,4 & 7 attacks. Attack detection is immediate as an always mode service, deployment usually takes just a few minutes.
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Feel free to request a 2 week trial of ANY of our services without commitment

Premium and Affordable DDos protection


Mitigation Technology

We have partnered with RioRey technologies, our mitigation clusters are composed by RioRey RS30 appliances mixed with inhouse developed sflow analysis that reacts at the BGP edge level to complete a totally reactive & automated mitigation platform

Less than 60 Seconds

DDos attacks take less than 60 seconds to be detected and mitigated, our mitigation appliances monitor traffic in real time, no need to wait for Netflow or Jflow to dictate when mitigation occurs. All mitigation products are functioning in always on mode.

Attack Analysis

Every single service deployed at DosBuffer comes with access to our attack monitoring platform (AMP), where you will be able to monitor live attack traffic (attack size and type) as well as see your clean traffic patterns

Attack Monitoring

We understand ddos attacks can change rapidly, although our ddos mitigation appliances are algorithmic (no signatures or rules) and don't rely on traffic learning, we monitor all attacks for sudden changes to make sure mitigation adapts properly to multi vector ddos attacks

Website Optimization

Yes! - your websites will load faster with our web application ddos protection, our WAF accelerates your content via caching, which means faster loading speeds and bandwidth saving for your real web servers. We also mix layer 7 protection at the mitigation appliance level, with nginx ddos mitigation techniques

Support Options

You can email our security operations department 24x7 and receive a response in no longer than 20 minutes, we also offer live chat (see hours of operations) and phone support (for enterprise accounts)

DosBuffer Support Options

All existing clients should create tickets via the client area or by sending an email to support[at]dosbuffer.com
For sales questions or to request a callback please email sales[at]dosbuffer.com